Serial 1 eBikes have cemented themselves as a high-end and luxurious electric bike brand powered by Harley Davidson manufacturing processes and built for anything.  Their model we’re discussing today is the RUSH/CTY SPEED eBike which has some amazing features that any rider would want access to!


The Serial 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED can provide electrical assistance up to 28 mph and has four distinct ride modes that adapt to whatever you want to use this eBike for.

  • “Eco mode for a small amount of support in flat and less demanding conditions.”
  • “Tour mode for the optimal mix of support and battery economy in changing driving conditions.”
  • “Sport mode for strong support from tight corners or over gentle hills.”
  • “Boost mode for tackling a steep incline, strong headwind, or other conditions that require extended assistance.”


The electrical system doesn’t mince words when desiring to provide power and adaptibility with the ability to power your trips on a single charge from 25-115 miles.

  • “The RUSH/CTY SPEED is equipped with an integrated, 706Wh lithium-ion battery that can be quickly removed from the frame without tools. The battery locks into the the frame for enhanced security.”
  • “The lithium-ion battery can be charged on-the-bike through a charging port conveniently located on the frame downtube, or easily removed for off-the-bike charging. Charge times are as follows: 0-75% = 6.5hrs; 75-100% = 3.5hrs.”


The motor and drivetrain assemblies pack a punch by including a powerful “Brose TF MAG motor features a brushless internal rotor and produces 90Nm/66 ft. lb. torque”. But more than that, the build and wheels of this spectacular eBike is built for the journey ahead:

  • Hub: The fully enclosed, maintenance-free Enviolo AUTOMATiQ intelligent automatic transmission is an electronically controlled CVT (Constantly Variable Transmission) rear hub that automatically adjusts the gear ratio to maintain the rider’s optimal, personalized pedaling cadence as terrain or speed changes.”
  • “Wheels: Wheels consist of 27.5 x 35mm alloy rims laced with stainless-steel spokes and fit with high-volume, 2.4-inch Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires. The result is a perfect combination of low rolling resistance, ample shock absorption, and responsive, predictable handling.”
  • Braking: Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes utilize four-piston calipers and 203 x 2.3mm heavy-duty brake rotors designed to deliver confident braking performance in most riding conditions. This is essential for faster-moving eBicycles and all-weather commuting.”


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