Ohio’s Premium Electric Bike Dealer

Orbit City Bikes is proud to service all of Ohio from our location in Columbus! We offer high-end electric bikes from all over the world with brands like Gazelle, Urban Arrow, Serial One, and the lineup from Riese and Muller.  So please feel free to browse, search for a new adventure, and see what might lay ahead for you with Orbit City Bikes.

Centrally Located

Our location in central Ohio is the perfect spot for not just the Columbus community, but Cincinnati, Cleveland, and the surrounding states. We invite people from all over to visit us, try out the different bikes we carry and see what perfect fit they find.

Orbit City Bikes’ location is a premium spot to take a free test drive through the surrounding neighborhoods, and get a quality experience. We want you to be confident that the electric bike you choose is the best fit for you.

The Brands

Our brands are chosen so that they reflect the quality and craftsmanship to match our high standards. Please take a look at each brand’s offerings and give us a call so we can set up your free test drive. The experience is something unforgettable!