E-Bikes at CES Tech Conference 2022

The annual CES Technology Conference was held during the first week of January, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada where exhibitors had the chance to show some of their latest and greatest upcoming products, accessories and features.  Below are some of the E-Bikes shown off at the conference and what we can expect from the E-Biking world in 2022.

The Bird Bike

Bird, as a company is known for its electric scooters, but this year it showcased the Bird Bike which boasts 50 miles of range and is expected to cost $2,299.

The Soltera

The Soltera by Aventon is a “lightweight commuter bike [that] comes in four colors: blue, black, mint green, and light pink.”

This bike has two variations including the one speed model for $1,199 and the up-to-seven speed model for $1,299.


Delfast’s newest bike offering has a long-distance capability that dwarfs any of the competitors at CES with up to 200 miles on a single charge.  Speeds up to 50 mph (which is not street legal in the United States).

Pre-orders for this E-Bike open in March for $6,500.

The EB20

Okai came to CES presenting their new EB20 mountain bike built with a carbon fiber frame. The battery is interchangeable, and the bike is a 12 speed with a 2.7 inch LED touchscreen display.


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